Dance Classes In Delhi


In the year 1961 in the month of 19th October Shiamak Davar was born as Dance Choreographer and is famous for the development of choreography in Hindi cinema. Shiamak is also considered for western form and Contemporary Jazz for thousands of Indians through his dancing school SDIPA which is considered first in India. He has also worked at the designation of Director for Choreography for Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India as well as Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Latest works includes Choreography for the film known as Mission Impossible 4 in which Tom Cruise is working along with many others actors.

Davar has an endless list for actors who are choreographed by him as well as celebrities for Indian film and for stage such as Filmfare Awards, IIFA Awards. Shahid Kapoor was also a member of his dance company which is set up by Davar in this company he completed his training for the dance instructor. There are many other Indian Actors who are struggling in the industry are also a part of this dance company such as Darsheel Safary (child actor), Shubh and Ruslan Mumtaz.

There are many awards which are presented to Davar such as National Film Award for his best Choreography for the film known as Dil to Pagal Hai, MTV Style Award in the year 2007 for a stylish song in the movie. In all these awards the biggest one is doctorate which he received from University of Middlesex for giving his great contribution towards the entertainment in the country as well as for the whole world.


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